About the artist; Part 2

About the artist; Part 2

About the artist Brooke Goldie and why she became an artist.



PSA: if you’re mentioned in this don’t be offended your just a part of my I am the way I am even if its because of your shitty actions.


Welcome make yourself a cup of tea relax and prepare for the honest truth about Brooke Goldie. Now you might want to make a flow chart to keep up but here it goes.


You know it’s the average story really I started making art in kindergarten water colours and pasta necklaces. Then colouring in books of barbies and fairies always staying in the lines, drawing my family and my dogs I wasn’t good I’ll admit it right here right now I was a terrible artist for 20 years but I was an artist in the making. I was born on the Gold Coast, Australia but I’ve lived a few other places like Sunshine Coast areas and Townsville and more recently Brisbane where I lived for 2 years studying art. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been drawn to art (pun intended) throughout high school it was my favourite subject. I would stay late on Thursdays after school just to make more art and I’d go to the art room for lunchtimes and when I was having a bad day I spent a goooood portion of my life in the art rooms a both high schools. Not because I had no friends Or was bullying (I was but so was everyone that’s not a special trait 😂)  but I’ve ALWAYS felt safest when I’m around art. When I was a young grasshopper 4ish years old my dad had an accident while dad was working fly in fly out at the mines on days off he would creaky need a beer after long days of being away from him favourite human (me) he was at the bar where a man pulled out his chair while he was about to sit down and the way he fell broke his back (don’t swing or you chair or pull it out from under people it’s not funny) and broke his L5-S1 needless to say it was a terrible time for my family and jumping through hoops just to get him what he need to be alive without being in chronic pain 24/7. I spent a lot of time in hospitals and at the Doctors or with my nan so I would spend lots of time colouring and drawing to fill the time. One of dads doctors suggested once to make art and drawing about my feeling and draw things I love and that kinda stuck with me and helped me work through the sads of life. He now has groovy titanium plate in his spin and will take any opportunity to lift up his shirt and show you the scar 😂 so after all of that at such a young age I needed art (I still wasn’t good) I would make stuff all the time my nan was the first person to buy me paints I would paint her pictures and she would love then and be so proud of me it would go on the fridge. The next day when I went around it would never be there though 🤔she did keep her favourites though she was so proud of me and how good I was getting. Unfortunately after she died my family went through a threw away all of the stuff they did want and my art I made for her went with it. Often people can be selfish and don’t consider the young people it effects by their ruthless actions but dwelling on the bad doesn’t change it. 10 years to the exact day he had another accident this time it was worst and it’s than easy fix. My parents used to run a skip bin business and one day a bin full of concrete slabs and building scraps the bin was jammed and nothing fell out when it tipped it over so like any of us walked to the end of the truck to take a peck why it wasn’t falling out. Right at the moment he looked around a 2x4 beem snapped and swung around with the weight of the bin and hit him directly in the face knocking him to the ground. Clearly nothing can stop him though because he got up and drove home because the show must go on. He can still walk talk and fart his way through life and not even the chronic pain can stop him out drinking everyone he meets. There is nothing they can do even 8 years later because he’s old ;) and broke C4-C5-C6 and shattered C8 it has healed as much as it can and there’s still constant pain that I’ll never understand. Through the years my family has been through a lot, other than dads spin not wanting to stay in one piece they went through miscarriages and constant heart break over them until they eventually 10 years of trying had hunter and then a year later Morgan who act like they are both the only child 😂 family always putting themselves over my parents even though they are the greatest people you would ever meet. I read poetry more than anything, I write something’s that I’ll never share not because they are bad just because it’s a great way of expressing emotions when yours sad so a lot of it I no longer feel the same after I write it so it not like mine in a way. I Read non fiction book more than anything I like things that feel real and not vampires and pixie dust, my brain it’s already full of colours and fantasies I don’t need anymore 😂. 

Honestly by now you can tell there’s a dozen reasons by I make art why it’s so important to me but there’s so many small an unnoteworthy events that come into this story as well but it’s not one event that “made” me an artist it’s my life. I think it’s something bigger tbh something like the Universe, God or even a butterfly dreamed it would happen so it did. I was born to be an artist and it’s honestly the only thing I’ve ever wanted to be so when people tell me to get a real job or something part time just so I have money and saving etc you’re just saying you don’t believe in me or the universes dreams for me and when I’m famous I promise I’ll charge you full price. So believe in my potential and help me change the world. 

Also I never brag about this enough but with every order I get I buy a plant or put money aside from the sale to buy one in a few weeks to help even a out the waste from that order. I know one plant won’t save the world but i do my absolute best to make sure I’m doing the best I can. I use Australian brands and shop Small Australian businesses for my supplies, often 90% of the time they are vegan and not tested on animals at all and are light fast so the art I make will last and you will never get any bad energy from it. Even if you don’t believe it that stuff you’re gonna thank me when you’re house isn’t being haunted. 😉 I spent everyday with my nan when I was a kid. No joke she lived 5 minutes walk around the block and I went there everyday I’m primary school and had sleep overs and watched girly movies all the time. She taught me everything I know about plants and I have some of her plants in my studio still. Honestly she was such an important part of my life and to my brothers so when she got cancer my dad dropped everything to be with her everyday and my brother put his life on hold to be her bitch basically and we would do it all again in a heart beat she was one epic lady. That continues to inspire me even a year after she’s been gone. I’ve made heaps of art about how this year has changed me I’m just not ready to show people yet because they tell a sad story but when they are ready you guys will be the first to see them. They are different to all my past art before nan was sick I was more of a landscaper artist, I would watch Sir David Attenborough an pause on the beautiful landscapes and draw them as best I could and eventually once I finally went to Tafe it taught me soooo much in the first 6 weeks my style and my attention to detail I could draw the animals David would talk about and actually show them in a realistic way it was strange obviously there’s more in my 22 years so there’s heaps of new information about me you can all take away and appreciate for today. Obviously if you have any questions or want to know more about something just message me


More information you didn’t ask for here’s a list of my favourites. I’m not exactly sure why, but I loved theses all  



Book // The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Song // Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Food // Pizza

Colour // Emerald Green and Aqua

Place I would live if I could // New Zealand

Movie // Everest or any 90’s rom com 😂

Tv show // New Girl The Vampire Diaries

Smell // Vanilla or Geranium


And I get a lot of questions about my diet, not that it effects any of you in any possible way but out of openness it’s 100% Vegan when I cook for myself and shop for myself but flexitarian for meals I don’t feel like bring out my eating disorder. I’ve had depression in my life since I was 14 maybe longer but that’s the exact age I remember it starting, it’s never stopped it just comes in waves. I remember I was 7 years old the first time someone called me fat. I think about it every fucking day. To my family it was a joke “Brookes got a fat ass” to me it was fucking horrible to hear most days. So I have an eating disorder it’s pretty obvious if you have ever seen me eat. I never ate in school and when I did it was lollies because I can’t stand people watching me eat I feel like people judge me even when I know they aren’t. I skip meals frequently, I don’t eat for days longest I ever went without eating a real meal was 8 days. So when I “fuck up” and have a burger with meat in it it’s disgusting to you but it’s a fucking a win for me. Again it’s not important information and i find it changes people’s opinions of me more so than anything else so I don’t like labels. If you’re getting over an eating disorder you shouldn’t need to explain why you are eating after years of people constantly telling you to eat xx



- Brooke Goldie


Resin bracelets and Dried flower crystals 













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