Fluid Painting Tips Part 1

Fluid Painting Tips Part 1

Fluid paintings 

Biggest rule I learned early. 

Don’t Cheap Out On Orders.

Do whatever you want for personal art and practice but when it comes to your business and your name don’t cheap out. They are buying art to last them forever or at least for more than a year using PVA Glue, water or soap whatever easy YouTube hack you have seen on 5 minute craft won’t garuntee the artwork will last. For practice these hacks are fun and cool but using them to sell to people you can’t promise the artwork will last so you will have to be cheap on prices. People buy art for it it last not just the weekend. Never cheap out in canvases cheap shop canvases are cheap, they warp and don’t last so they are goo for practice but not for orders. 


Again this is just from what I have learned myself through my degrees and years of practice. I know how painting hold up for over 10 years bc I have paintings over 10 years old. I know what brands fade and won’t warp and what famous artists use and what dozens of other artists recommend. So you can learn all this all yourself via trail and error etc but take what I say on board to help you learn from my mistakes. 



Buy cheap paint, cheap brushes and cheap sketch books etc these things are all good to help practice can play around with but things like canvases are worth the big money sometimes it’s only double what they are at cheap shops. ($15 at a cheap shop is $30 are a art shop) but the bigger price means you can reuse it and play around with layers and they hold oil paint and fluid paintings better than cheap shops. They are made for gallery hanging. So the artworks you make first doesn’t have to be the only artwork you ever make on that canvas. I re use all my other canvases some painting have 3-4 other paintings underneath it. 1/200+ paintings I’ve made have warped and that was bc I dropped it  frequently on purpose to see how much they can take. (Smaller frames can take more of a beating but it’s still only like accidentally knocking of a wall once or twice it’s not dropping it bc you can.) cheap canvases can warp just because there’s too much paint on the canvas or how wet the canvas is. Sometimes the canvases can warp just but how they are stored in shops. Okay 



More to come when I have the time to sit down an finish this. Ill link a YouTube video I’ve made below

(Newest Video)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGFDBIDk56k&feature=youtu.be









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