New Year New Website.

New Year New Website.

To start of 2020 on a fresh foot. I decided to give my business a face lift that to needed to keep up with the time. While I loved my other site it just wasn't supporting the things the average online shopper wants when buying online. Shopify gives me all that and more however its a lot more expensive to run and takes a small percentage of sales so I've had to up my prices (But hey I'm totally worth it). 

Noteworthy changes

  1. Prices are more expensive bc life isn't cheap
  2. New website platform so everything is new; even how you check out
  3. Mailing is new so you will need to subside again / you will want to do that asap so you don't miss out on anything
  5. My product quality has gone up but my ethics are still strong so I will continue to stay as low waste as possible 
  6. Blog posts are going to be life changing
  7. I will be uploading more art more often / My art will be mostly posted in this website/ new blog posts and secret artworks on the mailing list. I will be less on social media and more about art this year.
  8. Ill be doing workshops later this year so if you're interested keep an eye out
  9. Honestly more stuff like sooooo much more stuff but I can't give anymore away. ps subscribe to the mailing list. 

Ill be making a new blog post ever 2 weeks hopefully. Mostly tips and tricks I have learning in my life as an artist, personal stuff because who doesn't love getting to know the artist more an lots of other different ideas to come. 

2020 Brooke Goldie is going to be everything you need and more. you do not want to miss out on whats coming this year. Make sure you subscribe to the mailing list, there will be some awesome things going out in this years mailing list... way better than discount codes. ;) 


-- Brooke Goldie Artist 

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