Things you can try in isolation (Tips)

Things you can try in isolation (Tips)

Things you can try in isolation 


I know that there’s talk of a second wave of covid and all the uncertainty is making things worse on everyone’s mental health. Especially now that we can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel it’s a great time for you to reflect on what you did the past few months that make you happy. Focus on things you want to do or or less of and start acting on it when you can.


Motivation is lacking ever since we stopped making banana bread but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. Push yourself to do one thing that helps you everyday. 


My only advice that will actually help is to turn off your phone for a few hours each day and stop focusing on the media. You don’t have to ignore the world but taking yourself out of the toxic cycle for a few hours and reading a book, listening to music, How making a new playlist or watching a movie you have been mean to for years is a better use of your time. 


So here’s the part where I inform you on why you should listen to me. This time last year my grandpa had a heart attack and it scared me in ways I didn’t realise at the time. A few months earlier I lost my nan and that was so hard it still hurts me every day. My grandma and Grandpa live in New Zealand I see them once a year and I am not lying when I say they are my favourite humans I’d die for them they genuinely bring so much value into my life and they don’t even know it. I’m grateful that travel internationally every year to spend a 2 weeks with me. Ever since I was 16 I’ve been going over ever 3 years and spending a month with them and they are adorable so I GENUINELY enjoy their company. Long story short I adore my grandparents and I’ll loose part of me when they go. I was mourning my nan still at the start of the year because she was my best friend growing up and a year and a half later I still wake up and feel bad because I haven’t talked to her in awhile then realise I can’t. I used to go to her house everyday after school and I’d have sleepovers and gossip about what was going on a school and she would call me dramatic but let’s me real I’m a natural story teller so she loved it. 


So I’ve had so much on my mind before all of the isolation started and I was struggling with everything for so long. All I wanted to do was get out of this house and now I’ve been locked up inside my own personal hell for months. I genuinely hate everything and I’m not happy. Getting out of bed is basically impossible some days. The only things that have kept me motivated and relatively san is that as soon as isolation is over I’m going to go see my grand parents and annoy them 😂


  • writing all my sad, angry, bad vibes out in my notes or journal and venting it out. 
  • Reminding myself everyone is feeling the same don’t put pressure on anyone right now they probably can’t take much more.
  • Ignoring messages is okay if people need you they will call you. 
  • If you need people you can call them they will answer.
  • Watching a sad movie just to cry is therapeutic no matter how crazy you feel 
  • Don’t get out of bed if you need a day to be sad but force yourself out if bed the next day and be so productive that it’s worth it. 
  • ~ write in your diary, brush your teeth wash your hair shave, do the wash in FOLD the washing, hang your clothes watch a movie but one you haven’t seen, stay off social media, read a chapter of a book, tell your friends how you’re feeling and don’t expect a reply because you being upset might trigger some negativity they can’t process bc they are also sad. 
  • Try a new hobby like yoga, meditation or waking up at 5 and not screaming 😂
  • Don’t buy it, it doesn’t bring your life meaning. You just wanted it bc you’re bored. Save your money.
  • Support your friends businesses. Motivating and helping your friends even by sharing their posts once a week helps them so much. Making your friends happy makes you happy. 
  • Dream about what you will do once this is over. 
  • Plan out 10+ dreams for post isolation you want to do. Where you will go who you will see it doesn’t matter if you don’t do them staying motivated is the true goal. 


Drink water. Cry if you need to. Don’t take offence from what people are saying isolation is putting everyone in their dark place they probably don’t mean to hurt you. 


Social media is toxic and you know it stop spending so much time on it. If you can’t help it. Use your time to help promote your friends music, photography, artworks. Sharing your friends passions is so helpful to them but it can make you feel less like you’re wasting time on socials because you’re helping promote a friend. Small businesses are struggling and helping them reach people is so helpful i know I’ve said it already but you don’t understand how it means until you’re the one struggling. 


Smile more. 


Start taking steps to where you want to be in life so when isolation is over you know what doors you need to take to get where you want to be. Use the rest if the year to plan that trip to Europe. To buy a house. To start your own business or to go to university. Don’t see this year as wasting your time. See it as the perfect opportunity to plan your dream life and use the unwanted free time to fine tune all the ducks you need to line up. 


And for the parents. Listen to your kids they don’t want you to fix everything they want to feel heard. You don’t need to agree with them you need to listen and respect them. Unless they want to eat sugar after 7pm that’s a terrible idea. 












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