Resin Flower Art

A collection dedicated to my love of plants and resin artwork mixed together. These crystal are not like any other I make the from mould if my own uniquely shaped crystals so you will find nothing like these In the same shape. Each flower type is grown by my self of a small local business so the flowers lived a loving life before they were dried. Flowers I use are Red Roses, Lavender, Jasmine, Camomile, Safflower and Sometimes Calendula. While I’m making the resin crystal I make sure I’m only putting out good vibes and a few have a crystal or two hidden inside them.

This collection Features Resin crystals and Resin Coasters with added real crystals Commonly Rose Quarts, Rainbow Moonstone, Citrine, Clear Quarts, Amethyst and sometimes Obsidian Crystals all sourced from reputable crystal businesses based in Australia. 

Custom Crystals and Coasters available. Email

How it's made

They are all made from crystals I have in my personal collection and created silicone moulds of them. Placed a dried flower inside with some crystal clear epoxy resin and hoped for the best. 😂 These can be a total hit an miss sometimes but I’m having so much fun making them.