Story Worth Reading

ARTWORKS WITH A STORY. Each of these artworks have an important story(too me) as to why they were made and the truth behind its beauty. Life often has never been kind so a lot of these artworks talk of the pain and loss I have suffered. Some topics my trigger people who have mental health issues and past trauma. Dark Humour and Blues are my go to for coping with what life throws at me. These artworks have a higher price because I genuinly had to suffer in my soul through life to create the art so while making it not only did it take my time and years of practice but it took my heart to dark place in my memories and parting with such an honest part of me is hard. While they are worth every cent these artworks need to go to the right home not just anyone. This series of art is the most honest artworks I've made and can't go to people who don't understand.

- Brooke Goldie 2020

Abstract artworks, Canvas paintings & Acrylic Paint.

All original artworks. Signed and come with an authentication certificate.