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I post Blog post so whatever isn't here will be in one of them or in a blog post soon. 2020 the year of being honest.


Ive spent about a year now trying to figure out how much I should put on the internet and how honest to be... like will people really be interested? why should I write out all the pain I've gone through and relive it all just to be open with followers? like honesty is key but is there a limit before it becomes attention seeking or just annoying? etc etc all those feelings and more but I decided to be the person I needed a year ago and the roll model I needed when I was 14 so here goes nothing. I'm now 23 and slightly insane but you're going love me. 

There’s a few reason I started being an artist.

Most of the time when people ask I say something like “The universe, God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster planned its out before I was born.”  Butttt what I never say is that I was born with a spark of beauty and the way I see the world is nothing like the average person. I started a business around it because its more than just my life calling. 

I strongly believe with all of my body that I was made to create beauty in the world to make an impact with my art. Obviously sometimes I fall short of the greatness sometimes depression and self doubt win the day or month but it doesn’t change who I am or what I want to do in life. It kinda sets in stone more. Every time I hit rock bottom I crawl back up and I’m like fuck what people say and thing use art to chance the world. So for 2020 I plan on being more myself that I usually am on the internet. I’m going to use my business and my following to help my friends and small businesses to promote their business or creative side. 

Not saying it’s going to be amazing and perfect to start off there’s heaps of kicks and flaws I’ll need to work out slowly but it will be something amazing eventually.

I’m asking and friends or creatives who want a chance to promote their work and what they’re are passionate out in a blog post (Business, make up, beauty, writing anything you’re passionate about really) I want to help inspire beauty in the world and you. I’m not saying it will make you famous but it’s going to help people and isn’t that more important? 

If you like this and want to read more like it let me know. Ive got more words inside and written out I just don't know if anyone wants to hear them. 


- Brooke Melody Goldie 2020      


Words by Brooke // a series of thoughts 

- Below are a bunch of feelings, stories, poems basically whatever I need to let out that will hopefully inspire you and help you understand this wild artist more. 

Forever growing into a better person, better artist and better for the world.


Ever since I was a young a girl I’ve always been drawn to art. I’ve found and lots myself in it a hundred times In artworks ones I’ve made or ones I’ve seen.  I have forever been aiming to make art that will inspire emotions and beauty in the world. Recently I’ve felt like I’ve lost myself and my ability to inspire greatness in others I lost the drive the be alive and to be myself for a few months. I hardly made art, hardly ate and hardly even watch tv but honestly even I the darkest moments I made me deeply on another level believe that I was made for this earth to create beauty so I stopped questioning why art? Why do I want to be an artist I hardly have any money to do anything and that’s never going to change. Why not get a “ real job “? Why not make money first then make art later? The questions literally everyone has said to me or thought about saying to me.


The truth is I am the hardest person on myself, I’m the worst critic on myself. I have said everything mean you have ever thought about me a thousand times over. But no matter what I still get out of bed and I still aim to make the world better the only way I know how. Through art. So why would I go off and work at Maccas just so I make money to make art in a few years. Why not start from the absolute bottom now and build up an empire of beauty now WHY WAIT? This is all I’ve ever wanted to be. No matter how long you have known me I’ve always said I wanted to be an artist. There’s a million other reason I believe that I’m an artist but I’ll make a blog post about it all soon for you guys so you understand why this isn’t just a hobby for me.


-Brooke Goldie

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