About The Business

Lets talk the ethics of the business and what i find important so you can understand why this artist is not like others you may know.

Firstly THE NAME:  Yes, Goldie is my real last name and the business is called"Brooke Goldie Artist" I could have thought of something catchy like "Golden Creations" but I wanted the business to be mine. No need to hide behind a name I wanted to be the face of the business and to be seen as the artist. Not limiting myself to just Painting, Resin work, Photography with a name like "ResinARTbyBrooke" or "AbstractGoldie" using my name so I'm not limited to one thing and also my name is super sick why wouldn't I want to brag about it. 

This is my full-time job. I do everything myself from website design, Product Photos, Social media, Supply research and quality testing, Making all the art, Customer Care and Constantly working on improving my brand. I LOVE MY JOB so to lost of people it doesn't seem like work because in my free time i'll be looking into the UV rating, How light fast and ink or paint is and the product review and videos of a product I'm interested in to to see if it suits my needs. 


“My custom made platter board, designed and created by the incredibly talented Brooklyn Goldie, is such a stunning addition to my home decor.  When not in use as a platter board (or cob loaf board) it sits as the centre piece on my dining table along with the matching coasters. It really does compliment the beach theme I have in my home and I couldn’t be more thankful to Brooke. She listened to what I was after and kept me updated the whole process. Everybody compliments my platter board and asks where I got it from. Not only will you be sprucing your home with these funky platter boards but you’ll also be supporting an incredible small, local and Australian business. I promise you will love your board as much as I do”

- Dana. S

"fluid Painting etc words"




             With my business I strive for quality reliable products and to be a low waste as possible a simple step I have taken is to plant trees with ever order. That doesn’t do a huge amount if I continue to use plastic and excessive waste in shipping artworks. So with prints and small orders I use “Hero Packaging” they are completely compostable mailers, Australian owned and are made from cornstarch so there’s no hidden nasties. The tape, stamp and ink I use is from “wooden co” another Ozzie brand that’s eco friendly. The tape is water activated and composable. Ink isn’t tested on animals or harmful to the environment. 

with ever order I plant a tree here in Australia and 115 trees a month with a subscription to so when I fall flat with my Eco conscious brand I’m still doing my part. 


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