Product Care Guide

The best ways to keep each product in great condition:

Read the information about the exact style artwork you are buying to ensure you know how to properly care for your artwork. Remember there are no refunds on artworks damaged by your mistreatment.

Fluid paintings:

Keep out of direct sunlight (no sun light directly touches the artwork a well lite room is fine but it might still might fade) avoid touching it with your hands (oils in your skin can effect colours)  


Alcohol Ink:

Most of my alcohol inks are lightfast (they don’t fade fast 100+ years in the right conditions) the cheaper ones under $30 are made with cheaper paper so while the inks are light fast if they are in direct sunlight they will fade so keep that in mind when hanging them. The alcohol inks over $30 are made on better paper (yupo paper) and are less likely to fade but still keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Don’t touch them with ya nasty fingers the oils can effect the inks and the glossy paper. Best advice buy it and frame it right away I ship them in a plastic sleeve with a cardboard back so they will arrive safe and give you a few days/ weeks to find the perfect frame. Don’t fold or bend artworks, don’t cut them to fit a frame, avoid bending them while storing them, once creased it’s very very hard to get out. When framing try get a glass frame that has boarder or something between the glass and artwork. What can happen is the alcohol ink warms and cools with the weather and can stick to the glass or plastic (oh no) and when peeling it of will damage the artwork. If it’s plastic the alcohol will stain it glass is less likely to stain and easier to get the artwork off. 
it all sounds complicated I know because it’s a long message but basically get it and put it in a nice frame the alcohol ink don’t touch the glass at all in and it can last you longer than I’ll be alive. 😂

Resin Crystals and Coasters

THESE ARE NEW so care instructions are a mix of best guess and common sense. Sun WILL fade these, like all art they should avoid direct or constant sunlight to help preserve them. Don't get them wet. Don't treat them like a toy if you don't want them to get scratched. Don't eat them, so keep them out of your kids mouths. They are made with real flowers so the sun will fade them and over time they might loose some colour but that is just a risk we take with using real flowers and not plastic ones. Most of the flowers are sourced form my garden or small Australian business. All the crystals I add in art are sourced from small and reputable Australian owned crystal shops. The pieces I add in art called "chips" that are small pieces of real crystal that are roughly a few millimetres up to 1.5cm. So me mindful when placing them around your house and remember they are an artwork with positive intentions. x

Resin Artworks (not platters)

so basically you resin artwork will have a clear coat over the top of it to provide extra gloss but will also provide extra safe protection of your artwork. The colours I use art an Australian brand are light fast for 100+ years but the main thing you need to do to keep this artwork safe is keep it out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can made your resin artwork yellow and there’s no way of fixing that. Sometimes the artwork will yellow over time with age but I do my best to buy the best supplies to prevent that happening but the only way to prevent fading or discolouration is to keep it out of direct sunlight. 


Resin Artworks (Platter addiction)

Platters, Coasters, Bracelets, Tables and whatever else I make between now and updating this. Are all made withe 100% food safe resin. All resin is usually food safe once fully queried. When adding pigments (colours and metals) in it can change the chemical balance but once it fully queried I usually do a thin clear coat over the top or platters and surfaces you eat off. Coasters you can wash in a sink with hot soapy water. NO RESIN ARTWORK IS DISHWASHER SAFE EVER. It might be fine once or twice but don’t do it. Never ever do it. The resin I use usually has a high temperature standard so. Cold beers won’t make it crack and hot coffee won’t melt it but don’t go bottling your fresh long black down on the resin artwork. If your skin can’t touch it down let it touch the resin that’s only asking for danger. It’s like glass it expands and contracts and will break if you push its limits so don’t do it. Never wet or wipe down or spray and artwork with gold, rose gold, copper, silver or aluminium in the resin. It will cause them to fade, discoloured loose shine or disappear all together, wipe down with hot soapy water when dirty and dry with paper towels or microfibre clothes right after don’t let water sit on the wood or resin. 

Direct sunlight is only good floor plants and even then it’s not all of them. Never put and artwork you want to keep forever when it’s in full sunlight all day it will fade. Part sunlight will also fade. In a sunroom but not touch my direct sunlight it’s fine. It can fade over time but it will be slow. In a room with natural light but mostly lightbulb light it won’t fade (unless you have harsh light on it) and it’s usually where I recommend but as long as the evil sun does actually directly lay any light on the actual artwork example photo below. It will stay beautiful for a long time. 

NEVER USE ANY CHEMICALS TO CLEAN AN ARTWORK EVER. Don’t spray it with perfume, don’t wipe it down with spray and white or soapy water, don’t ever wipe an alcohol ink artwork down with alcohol ink NEVER EVER DO THAT. Don’t scrub it clean with a brush basically never touch it. Frame it and or hang it then leave it alone. You can wipe frame down with water and glass cleaner on the classic of a framed work. On a resin Artwork you can wipe it down with a dry microfibre cloth to get the dust of and if there’s little kid finger prints or your own slightly soapy water to get the smudges off but then white down with a dry cloth right away.


Avoid dropping it. Duh 

When moving wrap in a towel or blanket, something that can’t stick to the artwork or catch on the texture. Don’t sit anything on top or something heavy beside it, I’d travel it can move in push on it miss shaping it or worse. How I ship it to use is a good way to pack when moving. Usually tissue paper, bubble wrap then cardboard box is how I personally pack my valued artworks. Email me if you need any ideas on how to pack your exact artwork when moving. Try do it more than a week in advance so I have time to get back to you and you have time to brainstorm with me.


Don’t try sell a commission or artwork back to me. It’s insulting and hurtful. You may not mean it to be but it’s not a good feeling knowing you out your heart and soul into something for someone who doesn’t want it anymore. It’s a free world you’re welcome to sell it on and if you need and authenticity card to prove it’s and Original Brooke Goldie email me and I’ll send you the information. Just have a photo of the artwork front and back and proof of purchase if available others wise a rough idea of time frame will help me find it in my system. 

If you mistreat your artwork it’s not my fault and you will not get a refund. Most of the information above is common sense, Treat it like a baby. Don’t leave it in the sun or facedown for long periods of time, don’t use chemicals on it, don’t drop it, safety first when in motion and never leave it alone outside. 

An artwork is an investment and when taken care of properly will only increase in value OG Brooke Goldie will eventually be an unique and pricey and Van Gough or Warhol’s so take care of them. Owning an Artwork is easy though don’t let this page scare you. These are all the what if’s most of the time it will just hang in your house and bring life to a room. 

Nothing I make is dishwasher safe. Don’t put my art in your dishwasher. Don’t let anyone put them in the dishwasher. 

Email me if you have any questions that aren’t answered here or you are confused.

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