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Charity wallpaper

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$4 for a wallpaper for your phone/tablet/computer etc. 

Charity for this artwork// Wounded Heroes Australia, a charity that real Australian soldiers and their families. 

photo will be send to your email address you give. Alternatively you can message me on Facebook after you purchase and I can send it straight through that way 

Brooke Goldie Artist on Facebook. (@BrookeGoldieART)

How it works. 

Step 1: Purchase this product and leave a note at check out for what wallpaper you would like or request a colour like purple or yellow

Step 2: Wait for my email to the address you added at check out and ill ask you what artwork you what and ill send you a preview of the options (so you can see the options for that colour side by side) 

Step 3: After confirming your favourite artwork option ill send you the high res copy of the photo you can use as a smart phone wallpaper, tablet or computer screen. 


Keep in mind its $4 I can't promise it will look like god himself made it. this product is mostly to donate to amazing charity that changes the lives of homeless veterans the screensaver is your pat of the back ;) when you get tired of that one you can come back and repeat the steps again and select a new artwork. over and over so we can continue to change lives in a simple and fun way.


Unfortunately all purchases on a wallpaper are final as the donation is sent in soon after the purchase is made so I can't actually refund these products for you. All orders are manually sent so turn around can be ups to 24hrs before receiving the artwork.