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Crystal infused resin crystals

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1x Dried Flower Resin Crystal 

Real flowers from my garden or small Australia owned businesses. 

  • Red Rose & Rose Quartz
  • Jasmine & Critrine
  • Lavender & Amythest
  • Camomile & Moonstone
  • Safflower & Carnelian
  • Calendula & Tigers Eye
  • Cornflower Blue & Auqamarine 
  • Cornflower Pink & Rainbow moonstone

Random crystal size 4cm-7cm roughly but if you would like to pick the shape email before you order.

Every order is by me and there is usually 3-4 making process before I can ship them out as they take awhile to make.

This product is custom made each order so it’s not the one In the photo. It might not be the shape or size as the one in the photo but you can request a shape at the checkout comment section.

The custom made crystal option

If you would like a crystal with different flowers than I have matched it. If you would like to pick a specific shape or size the select the product called "custom make a crystal" the just let me know what you want in the comment section of the check out. eg. Red Rose crystal with rainbow moonstone and rose quarts in the tall slim crystal size. I will email you before I make the order to confirm that is what you're after. then I will make 2-3 with your style your after for you to pick your favourite. Making the Crystal custom to your needs takes time and I can't predict what you want so I will not have any made on hand so the turn around could be over a week. When it arrives it will be exactly what you're hoping for and filled with the best vibes.


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