Brooke Goldie

Incense holder #3

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Resin Incense Holder

25cm long 2cm wide. narrow hold on one end to poke your incense stick into. 

These aren't a perfect product to prevent fire but I thought it would be a nice change from the wooden ones we all have. 100% resin product so it might be a little safer than wood catching fire but it will till burn so do keep that in mind. 


Important// These products are still new and are very cheap so don't expect them to be perfect especially on the really skinny incense sticks. will take a little fiddling to get them to stay right. What I've been doing is getting the incense stick in the holder steady and then lighting it.



Incense sticks are lit when In the holders and if you don't keep an eye on them things can burn or catch fire. Use common sense when placing your incense holder in your room to protect yourself and your home. Never leave incense burning in a room you aren't in and keep well out of reach of kids.