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Large Lazy Tray

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Large Lazy Tray // Long Tray with rounded edges

This is a band new never used board Premium Acaica Timber with epoxy resin (food save)  // Resin Artwork // Cheese platter food board. 

Size: 46cm across

Weight: 1.9kg

Story behind the board: Store brought

Artists Choice; I will randomly pick colours that I like to make the board.

Pick your own; Colours. I'll email your address you have added to the order and contact you. (new website so I haven't figured out a section of you to add comments)

Use// personally i would only use these as a serving board or display board ( hang on walls, sit on my coffe table etc like an artwork on display) and use them for the odd food platter and for fancy dinner parties. I would not use them as a chopping board ever. Personal preferance though so use it however you choose, just be carful always and remember the care needs.


Care instructions:

  • Hand wash only / NOT dishwasher safe Wash
  • with hot soapy water right after use. Rinse and throughly dry immediately after.
  • Do not pick at the resin art
  • Do not soak
  • Do not submerge your boars fully in water // wood is porous and will soak up the water causing it to crack when it dries
  • Not to be used as a every chopping board or carving board, you will cut and scratch the resin and wood and it’s almost impossible to get them back the same.
  • Only use cheese knife and nothing too sharp you don’t want to scratch the platter. 💕

// DONT eat resin pieces if you pick them off that’s silly

Take care of this board it’s not a toy and it’s wood and hand made art it will break if you hit it and though it around often. Occasionally rub with food safe oil to keep wood from drying out.

Scrunchies are hand made by abbi from @sewcutebyaj (insta)

Candles are soy wax hand made with crystals in them and the most amazing scent from @jasperandstone (insta) Check them both out on instagram