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Brooke Goldie

Ice Blueberries (Original artwork)

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This artwork was created to tell a story of melting ice all over the work and how we are loosing something so beautiful just because we don't care. 

"Ice Blueberries" was started in November 2019 and finished in April 2020. Months of details and drying went into this artwork. The story behind it Is simple. The world is melting and the ice caps have been melting for so long we are becoming dumb to the idea and climate change has become a huge joke. I care about this stuff some find dumb I find absolutely heart breaking. This artwork was made in such a dark time in my life I was heart broken from a recent break up and my grandpa having a heart attack. Small things I deal with every day like my dad having a broken neck, my nan dying of cancer, the way men treat me and the judgement I receive CONSTANTLY for being an artist but for those few months everything was so much that I wanted to make sure these things didn't become my identity. I made art that is about more than heart break and loss I wanted to create things that are beautiful but hit on topics that are very sad and heavy. Polar Bear are dying, Penguins are covered in oil and sea life is being trapped in nets and killed. Sharks are being finned alive so humans can have a bowl of shark fin soup for $500. We don't care enough about this stuff because have become so dumb to the photos and facts that I needed to try a new approach. This artwork is about all possible dangers the animals in both north and South Pole and ALL OF THE PROFITS WILL BE GOING INTO CHARITIES THAT CAN HELP. I will take off the cost of supplies so I can make another artwork then divide up the money and put it into planting trees, Penguin and polar bear protection and research to help slow down the melting of the world. Likely I will adopt a polar bear or penguin as well that Ill pay $15 a month for the next 2+ years hopefully forever tbh ahah.

In short this beautiful artwork is to raise awareness on a topic we all need to start actively trying to slow down. xx 



More details to come 

ORIGINAL Artwork 2019 "Ice Blueberries"


  • 3cm thick edges
  • 24”x 36” roughly 
  • Fluid painting on canvas  
  • Original Paintings Made my Brooke Goldie 
  • Light fast ink (they don't fade fast)
  • Resin Clear top coat.

Sizes Available: 

  • 24”x 36” roughly 

Full Colour. Please note that the colours on the actual print may vary slightly on a monitor display.


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Care Instructions

Care instructions: 

Hand wash only / NOT dishwasher safe Washwith hot soapy water right after use. Rinse and throughly dry immediately after.Do not pick at the resin artDo not soakDo not submerge your boars fully in water // wood is porous and will soak up the water causing it to crack when it driesNot to be used as a every chopping board or carving board, you will cut and scratch the resin and wood and it’s almost impossible to get them back the same.Only use cheese knife and nothing too sharp you don’t want to scratch the platter. 💕

// DONT eat resin pieces if you pick them off that’s silly

Take care of this board it’s not a toy and it’s wood and hand made art it will break if you hit it and though it around often. Occasionally rub with food safe oil to keep wood from drying out.

Story Behind The Art

Story behind the board: Store brought

Use // Personally i would only use these as a serving board or display board ( hang on walls, sit on my coffe table etc like an artwork on display) and use them for the odd food platter and for fancy dinner parties. I would not use them as a chopping board ever. Personal preferance though so use it however you choose, just be carful always and remember the care needs.