Brooke Goldie

Plant a Tree with Ecologi

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Planting trees has never been more important after the bush fires this year we in desperate need of trees to be planted. I use a business called Ecologi to help plant trees and reduce my carbon footprint from making art and the waste it creates. So I already plant 30 a month and 250 with every commission artwork I sell. Your purchase of this product means I can donate more an get trees planted faster.

$6.50 for a lump of 25 trees

$12 for s thicket of 50 trees

$25 for a spinney of 100 trees

$62 for a grove of 250 trees

+ more options on there website but ill keep it simple here.

Note; If you're a business looking to reduce your foot print use think link and we can plant an extra 30 trees!