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Resin Crystal (with dried flowers and gold flakes)

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This product is for if you want a specific crystal or me to email you a photo of the ones available so you can pick the size shape and flowers you want. Gold Flakes through out these crystals.

RESIN CRYSTALS WITH GOLD FLAKES  The other crystals don’t have gold in them. They are separate products bc I’m frequently told that people don’t like gold. I absolutely take it personally always because of my last name HahaHahahahaha 

It can be custom made but I’m running low on flowers so message me on Facebook or Instagram and I can put some flowers aside for you now if it’s not pay week 🥰🥰

read the product information please. 

I’ve only just had the idea to make these crystal and I don’t exactly know how long they will last and how well the flowers will hold up. The resin is UV safe so it should protect the flowers from the sun but can also turn the resin itself yellow or fade the flowers. There’s just too many variations that could damage these tiny artworks so I can’t 100% promise they will last. So if you’re on the fence because you’re considered about product quality don’t buy one just yet. 

The first round of these Resin Crystal will be cheap and if you give me a private review and tips for my next ones you will receive a discount on your next order. No returns or refund on these as they are below the cost to make them and Im actually loosing money but I need your help to make sure I’m making the perfect products that will last you forever.


How it's made

They are all made from crystals I have in my personal collection and created silicone moulds of them. Placed a dried flower inside with some crystal clear resin and hoped for the best. 😂 These can be a total hit an miss sometimes but I’m having so much fun making them. 

There’s 5 different sizes you might get (not the tiny ones don’t worry they are added into each order for free anyway)