Brooke Goldie

Water falling for you (small print)

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This product was created from an Original Brooke Goldie artwork. The purpose of this print is create money from the print to raise money for charities and businesses. Like WWF, Life Line, Red Cross, WIRES and others below the charity or organisation will be named with a Link to check out and a little about them. All money from these prints will be donated Once a month so they get more money in one transfer. If the charity below is not something you support simply don’t purchase the print I don’t need to be emailed about why you don’t like them please and thank you.

Charities for each print will change every few weeks or until I feel the charity has made a fair amount. Make sure to look into the charity yourself now and not in a few months and want a refund. NO REFUNDS ON THIS PRODUCT. Although I will only donate once a month I often donate the money right away so I don’t forget if I have a lot on that month so I can’t give refunds on change of minds. 

Donating to Ecologi all of the money from sales of this print will be donated to on the 30th of each month. I have a subscription to help with my carbon footprint and planting trees in Australia so the $12.75 from each print will be used to buy $12.75 worth of trees. That adds up to 50 trees YAY 

original artwork was acrylic on canvas paper. 2018